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Student Demos and Testimonials

All demos below were produced and engineered by John Burr.

David Fischer - Sarasota, FL

(Spots Demo Excerpt)

David Fischer“A teacher or mentor is only as good as the standards he sets and the demands he makes of his students. John Burr “sets the bar” very high and demands nothing less. He has an uncanny sense for the nuances of the myriad styles of English prose and how they must be effectively delivered. Ergo he fully expects a voiceover student to embrace and demonstrate that same level of understanding and performance. Whatever success I may have doing voiceovers, I owe to John’s vast experience and his relentless pursuit of perfection.”

Camela Giraud - Sarasota, FL

(Narrations Demo Excerpt)

Camela GiraudMy lessons with John began with his introductory workshop that I decided to sign up for after reading a feature article in the local paper. His professionalism and experience were apparent immediately. My work with John was intensive–from work on timing and pausing, to dynamic demonstrations about how knowledge of English grammar affects a reading. After working with John, I find I am not only a much better voiceover talent, but a more critical listener. I feel confident that my training will continue to serve me well throughout my new career.

Dan Toohey - Potomac, MD

(Audiobooks Demo Excerpt)

Dan Toohey“Among the host of graduates of John Burr’s training are some of the best narrators in the business, professional voices who can take a pallid script and spin it into spoken gold. His training methods can be rigorous, but the consequences for those who endure it provide entry into a pleasing, fulfilling career offering thousands of different opportunities for a well-trained voice.

Jules Price - Sarasota, FL

(Spots & Audiobooks Demo Excerpts)

Jules Price“I am so thrilled that I went to John Burr for my voiceover training. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the industry, extremely detail-oriented, and has an unusual and admirable level of mastery of the English language. His solid techniques and invaluable coaching allowed me to hone my voiceover craft and explore the depths of my own talents. He gives you not only the tools but also the confidence to approach this somewhat daunting career with gusto. I really loved the demo CD that we created together, and his ongoing support that he offers for his former students will prove to be a huge asset and resource in the future.”

Greg Wrobel - Sarasota, FL

(Spots Demo Excerpt)

Greg Wrobel“John Burr has the skill set to mold an individual with raw talent into a professional voice artist. A relentless pursuit of perfection and John’s extensive background in sound recording, mixing, and editing are clearly evident in the finished product. My first demo cd just blew me away! He has been pivotal in the development and launch of my voiceover career and continues to inspire and mentor me. I credit John Burr for sending my life in a new and exciting direction.”

Megan Nimick - Sarasota, FL

(Spots & Characters Demo Excerpts)

Megan Nimick“My decision to take voiceover training with John Burr has been one of the best investments I have ever made.  John is thorough, exacting and professional.  From his lifelong and successful career, he shares and imparts his vast knowledge and expertise. I have so appreciated John Burr’s excellent training and I feel truly prepared to pursue a career in voice-overs.”

Bob Armfield - Washington, DC

(Promos Demo Excerpt)

Bob Armfield“John Burr and his teachings are terrific. Beginning with elementary school, most of us are taught to read aloud incorrectly, as I quickly learned. John taught me to interpret copy in a whole new way. Studying with him made me a significantly improved voice actor.”

Jane Ingalls - Washington, DC

(Foreign Language Demo Excerpt)

“When you step into the studio with John Burr, you are on a fast track to learning everything you need to know to be competitive as a voice actor.  His sessions are intensely focused, personalized, and fun at the same time. It has been a privilege to learn from John, and I will continue to look to him for advice and coaching in my voiceover career.

Grant Johnson - Clearwater, FL

(Characters Demo Excerpt)

Grant Johnson“I enrolled with John Burr Voice Dynamics to gain a basic overview of ‘how to be one of those guys with the cartoon voices’, but what I ended up learning was far greater and more valuable than something you can get from a 1 day seminar or weekend workshop. John taught me everything I could possibly need to know about starting my career in voice over, from the basics of script reading all the way to the do’s and don’t’s of starting my own voice over business. Its thanks to him that I now have my own successful business doing what I love by utilizing the skills and knowledge John gave me. However, I can’t talk about his coaching style without mentioning the kind of person John is. Sometimes it is difficult for people to be a coach and maintain a friendship with their students, but John has always been an amazing person to me. His patience and flexibility with studio sessions made me feel comfortable and welcome, and his razor-sharp wit and never ending basin of jokes and cheesy one-liners solidified for me that I’d found a friend for life.

Rennie Carter - Sarasota, FL

(Spots Demo Excerpt)

Rennie CarterI first came to John with a vague feeling that I might like to do voiceover work. Under John’s tutelage, I became a confident, professional voice actor, with a realistic understanding of the business. His proven system allows his students to benefit from his vast experience. His instruction includes specific rules for phrasing and emphasis that produce the natural-sounding delivery clients want. If you have the talent, John will give you the training, the technique and the tools to make it in the voiceover business.

Shane Morris - Sarasota, FL

(Narrations Demo Excerpt)

Shane Morris“With his deep knowledge of the art and the industry, John Burr helped me sculpt my voice into a professional instrument. John Burr Voice Dynamics will always be a part of my working life, because that is the solid foundation from which all further development contributes. I have landed some very impressive jobs, including national accounts, in my first year. John Burr is dynamic! Thank you, John.”

Anne Hall - McLean, VA

(Narrations & Politicals Demo Excerpts) - Two-time winner of ITVA Washington, DC Peer Award for best female voiceover talent.

Anne Hall“John’s instruction and encouragement gave me a great start in the voiceover business. I really appreciate the understanding he gave me through his experienced direction and candid recognition of my strengths and weaknesses. My work with him put me on a solid footing to venture into the world of voiceovers.

Matt Louscher - Sarasota, FL

(Characters Demo Excerpt)

Matt Louscher“Wanting to discover whether or not I could make it in the voice over industry, I sought out John Burr’s services, having heard of his years of experience and extensive pedigree. After just one introductory class, he was able to see a potential in me even I didn’t know was there. I signed up to take his full course shortly thereafter, and I haven’t regretted the decision once. John was able to hone my raw talents into focused, professional tools of the trade, and now, I have full confidence in my abilities as a Voice Over Artist. This man lives up to and even exceeds the hype surrounding him; if you are dedicated and sincerely desire a future in this business, John Burr can make it happen for you.”

Anne Flosnik - Nokesville, VA

(Narration/Dialects Demo Excerpts) - Voice of over 1000 audiobooks and over 150 commercials and narrations

Anne Flosnik“As a working voice artist with a roster of local, national and international clients, following a complete career change several years ago, I must credit John Burr with giving me the tools to make this all possible. He is a highly effective teacher, capable of imparting his many years of experience to his students. I consider myself blessed to have found and benefited from his teaching, which was life changing for me. My lessons with him combined to make the single most effective investment I have ever made in myself.”

Brad Hyland - Mitchellville, MD

(Narration/Dialects Demo Excerpts)

Brad Hyland“John is simply the best… the very best voice over coach, teacher and mentor available in the industry. His professionalism, expertise and consistency….combined with state-of-the-art equipment and software guaranteed the best training available.

He also provided me with the highest quality and creative demo materials that my money could buy….anywhere. His personal dedication to his students is very much like your favorite college professor or sports coach from high school or college; He combines vigorous training with humor, personal connection, and unmatched experience in all aspects of voice-over and marketing media.”

Lorraine Ziff - Longboat Key, FL

(Commercials Demo Excerpt)

“John is a fantastic teacher: patient, funny, professional and results oriented! He made me feel comfortable even during times I was frustrated with myself, with his gentle humor and patient guidance. He is a font of very useful information. The demo disc we created together in his studio in Florida has gotten me compliments and, more importantly, work! Recently, I was chosen as the voice of the ITV awards in Los Angeles, CA and was able to perform from my studio in NJ!
I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get involved in a voiceover career.”

Kernan Manion - Wilmington, SC

(Medical/Technical Demo Excerpt)

“Through a happenstance conversation with a fellow member of Toastmasters, I learned that there was a specialty talent field known as voice-overs. I was fortunate to learn of John Burr, a veteran voice-over coach and producer. John is well-versed in the many genres of voice-over work. His tailored coaching program prepared me well for doing creative and lucrative voice-over work, and helped me develop a skill set for a career I’ve always wanted to pursue.”

Deborah Stanek Reast - Hatfield, PA

(Narrations Demo Excerpt)

Deborah Stanek Reast“John promotes the idea of excellence in all of his students. His knowledge of the English language and the ability to convey the necessary voice talent skills, both vocal and grammatical, are incomparable. John’s comfortable, yet highly professional coaching methods are effective in helping his students gain the required knowledge and skill necessary to work in this business. John also creates high quality demos and commercial spots in his onsite production studios. As one of his successful students, I am thankful that I found John Burr and continue to have his experience and talent available to me.”

Gerre Reynolds - Tampa, FL

(Politicals Demo Excerpt)

“Special thanks to John Burr for his wonderful one-on-one voice over training. From his knowledge of all aspects of voice training to his incredible business experience, John prepared me for anything and everything in the world of voiceovers. For anyone serious about a voiceover career, I’d highly recommend talking to John today!”

Marie Council - Upper Marlboro, MD

(Spots Demo Excerpt)

Marie Council“My training with John Burr has been a phenomenal experience. Thanks to his patience and ability to teach, I have developed into a confident voiceover talent that delivers with ease. I have been very successful in obtaining work from the demo he produced and from his marketing assistance.”

Steve Yachymczyk - Sarasota, FL

(Characters/Accents Demo Excerpt)

Steve Yachymczyk“From the first lesson to the completion of my demo CD, it was obvious that John Burr was committed to my success as a voice actor. John is a true professional, and a first-class instructor and mentor”

Ilene Russell - Clarksburg, MD

(Promos Demo Excerpt)

Ilene Russell“John Burr is an outstanding teacher, awesome coach, and highly regarded mentor. His wisdom, knowledge, experience and years of dedication and commitment to the highest standards of excellence are reflected in his voiceover instruction and audio production.

The first-class demo he produced for me expertly showcases my talent and versatility.

Now, inspired and motivated, with a strong foundation intact, my talent, skills, and confidence maximized, I am well equipped for a successful career as a sought after voiceover professional in a competitive marketplace.”

Bill Bremmer - Fairfax, VA

(Narrations Demo Excerpts)

Bill Bremmer“Working with John Burr has been the best thing I’ve done for my voiceover career. Not only is John a gifted coach who knows how to inspire just the right reading of a phrase, he’s also an excellent producer, writer, and marketer. John’s motivation was instrumental in launching me into the voiceover world, and he has continued to encourage me ever since. He is the ultimate professional.”


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