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Voiceover Training

Voiceover performers are hired for their highly competent interpretive skills derived from training and coaching with a highly experienced professional. John Burr is such a coach. His expert instruction helps you to begin or continue a career in the expanding voiceover industry, as you

  • Study the dynamics of script interpretation
  •  Develop your understanding of language dynamics
  • Learn how to control the parameters of pace, pitch, pause, emotion and volume
  • Perfect your mike technique
  • Build confidence in your ability to handle audition and project scenarios

Your Basic Skills

What Basic Skills Do You Need to Qualify as a Voiceover Student?

  • A natural acting flair; the more flair, the more versatile your demo.
  • Rock-solid reading comprehension and a substantial working vocabulary.
  • A reasonably good understanding of English language dynamics and sentence structure.
  • A careful and purposeful listener.
  • A knack for imitation.
  • A fertile mind, and the capacity to fantasize and imagine communication scenarios.
  • The native ability to identify with people, their problems, and their needs: empathy.
  • A pleasing, relaxed voice with personality, & the “bite” to carry over music and soundfx.
  • A strong sense of pace and timing.
  • A delivery free of regional accents, except for special acting situations.

Where to Begin

First, an evaluation session should be scheduled to determine your level of ability. If the outcome of the evaluation is positive, a coaching strategy will be recommended that best fits your voiceover training needs.


For the beginning student, we recommend a two-hour in-depth analysis of your basic talent, cold reading ability, interpretive instincts, diction and many technical parameters. You will be given 15 commercial and 15 narration short scripts to deliver; this is an eclectic mix of most of the bread-and-butter categories that are characteristic of the marketplace.

You will receive a written evaluation, which will also be explained to you in the last half-hour of the evaluation. The evaluation gets you off on a solid footing, as you and the instructor know your strengths and areas that need work, and we will have determined whether or not you have the basic skills to pursue a voiceover career.

The fee for the evaluation: 175.00

You may also call us at 941-378-0021, or email us at info@johnburrvoice.com today to schedule your evaluation or a free consultation.

Another Option: Voiceover Basics Workshop

Before we do the evaluation, you can try the process out in our Voiceover Basics Workshop, where you will get a good feeling for the studio environment, without committing serious money. You will have an opportunity to work with John Burr and assess your comfort level with voiceover performing, in comfortable surroundings.

The cost for the 6 hour class: 125.00

Private Coaching

For the aspiring voiceover performer, one-on-one sessions provide the most efficient means of learning script interpretation.

Enrollment is limited and by evaluation only.

Private sessions usually require a minimum of twelve one-hour sessions.

One-on-one class materials include script book and instructional CD.

What You'll Learn

  • The opportunities that exist for you in this field
  • How the business works and how to succeed
  • The studio scenario and protocols
  • How to handle auditions
  • How to interpret and deliver commercial scripts
  • How to work with longer format narration scripts
  • How to analyze language dynamics to understand points of emphasis
  • How to get into the script: acting
  • How to focus and deliver convincingly
  • How to get work on the internet from your home studio

Further analysis of your abilities in other areas of voiceover: audiobooks, characters, medical/technical delivery, accents, and other areas.

CD Lesson Aids

In addition to the scripts provided for the lesson series, we have a number of fully produced scripts with professional voiceover talent, music and sound effects to serve as lesson aids in learning by example. These are made available as printed scripts with accompanying CD’s of the complete soundtrack, at minimal cost. These are optional enhancements to the learning process.