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John’s book, The Voice Over Actor’s Handbook, is available on Amazon. 

“This really is the first practical and pragmatic treatment of voice over’s unique demands and approaches that I’ve seen. In particular the section that begins, ‘Why we read the way we do’, is not only spot-on, it should be required reading for anyone who wants to do or is already doing voice work…..truly brilliant!” – Harlan Hogan.

The John Burr Approach

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Becoming a first-rate voice over talent is challenging. It involves a real commitment to the learning process, a willingness to accept constructive criticism, and a great deal of patience. Lifelong reading aloud habits are hard to break, and in those early stages, one can become frustrated very easily. 

There are a number of voice over training and voice over training online programs out there that include one or two-day seminar/workshops and production of a demo. This is often a follow-on to an introductory voice over workshop, where the instructor has heard each person perform one or two readings of short scripts, and based on this brief sampling, uses it as the basis for recommending voice over lesson or lesson/demo packages he or she offers. I can’t imagine how an assumption can be made that a voice over career is in the cards for someone who has not been given a chance to read a wide variety of material that is characteristic of the production marketplace, as well as to have the time and opportunity to observe and critique proficiency in skills such as acting, pace, timing, phrasing, inflection, reading comprehension, and the like.

What I offer instead is a hard look at your potential through a two-hour evaluation—a candid, in-depth critique of your ability and potential, and if the results are positive, a program of one-on-one instruction. Then, as you progress, we will determine together the proper time to produce your demo.

career in voice over is a great way to make a living. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you can learn how to do this overnight. It’s a process, and it is different for everyone. In this business, there are no shortcuts.


John brings his vast experience in the broadcast and production realm, along with an in-depth understanding of the English language, to the world of VO. His unique grammar and language-based approach, showcased in his book, is a fabulous guide for any voice actor. And his dedication to coaching, as well as his warmth and humor, make coaching with him a wonderful experience. 

Erica Cain

Have you ever had anyone in your life that you can point to that truly helped to shape your success, someone that not only had the skill and expertise, but also the insight and foresight that helped to push you to achieving your goals? That person for me is John Burr. I first trained with John years ago in his studio in Maryland. We forged a strong bond there and he helped me realize and achieve my dream of a becoming a voice actor. From the first time we met he told me that I had what it took to be successful in voice over. John combines a true understanding of the mechanics of the spoken word, with spirit, fun and unflappable inspiration. I will be forever grateful for his training and mentoring.

Bradley Hyland Johns

I am so thrilled that I went to John Burr for my voiceover training. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the industry, extremely detail-oriented, and has an unusual and admirable level of mastery of the English language. His solid techniques and invaluable coaching allowed me to hone my voiceover craft and explore the depths of my own talents. He gives you not only the tools but also the confidence to approach this somewhat daunting career with gusto. I really loved the demo CD that we created together, and his ongoing support that he offers for his former students will prove to be a huge asset and resource in the future.

Jules Price

John Burr is first and foremost a friend. I started working with him in 2010. Without John’s training and his deep understanding of the voice over business I would still be in areas I didn’t enjoy at all. In 2008, I lost my over 20-year job working for a Florida builder. Couldn’t find a decent job after that to save my life. I always had a hankering to try getting into voice over work, and someone recommended John to me. Following his expert training, I have been making a solid six-figure annual income, and my life has changed dramatically. I have a laundry list of great clients and 40 million plus views on You Tube and I work every day behind the mic. It’s a dream job only realized by learning from John and a lot of hard work. Read his book, sign up for his class and live your dream! He’s always been there for me.

Shane Morris

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