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Put your voice, acting, and interpretive ability to work with personalized coaching from one of the industry’s most skilled and experienced coaches.

The Straight Scoop About Voice Over Training

Miami Voice Over Coaching

It takes a lot of hard work to become a top voice-over artist. You must be committed to learning, to be patient, and be willing to accept constructive criticism. Lifelong reading-aloud habits are difficult to break, and frustration is common when starting to learn.

Many voice over coaches provide beginner voice over workshops. An instructor will listen to one or two readings of short scripts to determine which program or package is best. There are also online voice over training programs and seminars that consist of one to two-day seminars or workshops, followed by the creation of a demo. Other programs offer a predetermined number of lessons followed by demo production. However, I have not found these workshops and programs beneficial for people just starting out in their careers.

Seminars and workshops make sense for professionals. However, they usually leave you with only a few key takeaways. They should be used to improve on what you already do well. There are better choices for a beginner as a primary source of technique-building instruction.

Do you believe you can have a successful voice-over career in Miami without understanding what the marketplace wants? Do you believe you can compete with seasoned professionals if you haven’t mastered your pace, timing, breathing, inflection, or comprehension? And do you believe you can do it all on your own? I don’t think so.

Voice overs actors can make a great living, but don’t make the mistake of believing you can learn to do it quickly. In this business, there are no shortcuts.

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Miami Voice Over Coaching

I provide a two-hour evaluation, a candid, in-depth critique of your ability and potential, and a one-on-one instruction program with in-depth voiceover lessons if the results are favorable. This is the most important investment you will make in your voice over career. Then, as you study and progress, we’ll decide when it’s best for you to create your demo.

I’ve resisted offering all-inclusive packages because I believe that one-on-one voice-over coaching is the only way to make real progress.

Visit the demo section of this website to learn more about the preparation and production of our demos.

John Burr - Voice Over Industry Professional

Who is John Burr?

John Burr is a 35-year industry expert who has worked in every aspect of the industry. His many years of experience as a voiceover artist, editor, and audio and video producer have given him a thorough understanding of the entire production process.

He has toured both nationally and internationally, appeared in numerous professional theater productions, and released over 100 albums. Many of his students have gone on to narrate for prominent channels and companies, and his corporate clients include five Fortune 500 companies.

What You’ll Learn

Voice Over Skills

You will learn the dynamics of language and script interpretation, improve your microphone techniques, and gain confidence in your audition and project abilities. Learn how to manipulate the parameters of speed, pitch, pause, emotion, and volume.

Marketing Yourself

Developing your voice over skills is only half of the equation. It is equally important to market yourself. We teach you how to network, how to work in the industry, and how to create and coordinate marketing materials.

You will complete your training with a distinct brand identity, marketing skills, demos for your portfolio, and a realistic budget for a home studio.

The Production Process

We create demos that showcase each person’s versatility. Scripts are chosen and written specifically for the artist’s abilities. Our studio includes music and sound effects libraries to enhance production value.

We have the resources to produce high-quality video demos from script to finished product for students who want to do on-camera projects.

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John Burr Voice Dynamics

John Burr Voice Dynamics

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