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What You Must Know About Voice-over Lessons

To succeed, voice-over artists must invest a lot of time and work. It is not enough to simply have an engaging voice; you must also be committed to continually refining your skills and accepting feedback from professionals in the field.

It is critical to remember that while basic classes and online instructional programs are accessible, they may not be the most efficient way for beginners to develop their skills. Rather than building a firm foundation of voice-over talents from the ground up, these programs may be more effective for developing your existing techniques.

Market research is another key component of the voice-over industry. One must be well-versed in the market and competitors to stand out and acquire a well-paying job. A solid command of acting, timing, pacing, breathing, inflection, and reading comprehension is also required for successful voice-over work.

It is vital to acknowledge that mastering the craft of voice acting takes time and perseverance. There are no shortcuts in this industry, and beginners frequently experience frustration. However, a voice-over artist can earn a respectable living with hard work and persistence.

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What I’ll Do for You

My unique technique of teaching voice-over includes a two-hour evaluation where I provide an honest and detailed assessment of your current talents and potential. I will create a one-of-a-kind, one-on-one training course specifically for you with in-depth voice-over sessions. Your advancement and success as a voice-over artist depend on this career investment.

Rather than offering all-inclusive packages, I believe one-on-one or small-group learning is the greatest way to ensure individual improvement. I only offer private instruction so that we may focus on your specific needs and objectives. Once you’ve made significant progress, we’ll decide when it’s best to schedule your demo.

John Burr - Voice Over Industry Professional

Who is John Burr?

Over the course of his 35-year career, John Burr has been involved in every aspect of the profession. He has a solid understanding of the entire production process due to his extensive expertise as a voice-over artist, audio and video producer, and editor.

John has appeared in over 100 music CDs and numerous professional stage performances. As a result of his outstanding coaching, several of his pupils have gone on to narrate for well-known media sources and enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies.

John Burr’s extensive and lucrative career has established him as a voice-over industry authority, and many aspiring voice-over actors have significantly benefited from his guidance. You will benefit, too!

What You’ll Learn

Voice-Over Skills

Voice Over Skills

During our training classes, you will have the opportunity to develop your audition and project abilities while learning about the complexities of linguistics and script analysis. You will also learn about the many voice-over settings, such as speed, pitch, pause, emotion, and volume, which will allow you to tailor your voice to the needs of each project.

Marketing Yourself

Marketing Yourself

Finding success in this field requires more than simply voice-over skills. Knowing how to promote yourself properly is also essential. As a result, we provide training in networking, auditioning, creating, and establishing marketing materials, among other things.

By the end of the course, you’ll feel quite capable, and we’ll help you create demos to showcase your skills and increase your portfolio. You’ll also learn how to create a budget for establishing a work-from-home studio and obtain essential marketing knowledge.

The Demo Production Process

The Demo Process

Our studio provides demos that highlight the spectrum of abilities of each voice-over performer. We choose carefully and write scripts tailored to the individual’s specific skills. To boost the production value of our demos, we use specially selected materials from over 20 audio libraries and 15 sound effects libraries.

For everyone interested in working on-camera, we offer high-quality video demos from start to finish. Using our resources, we may generate video demos demonstrating the artist’s ability in front of the camera.

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John Burr Voice Dynamics

John Burr Voice Dynamics

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