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How Voiceover Lessons Really Work

Voice-over artists must put much effort and attention to succeed. It is not enough to have a pleasant voice; you must also be dedicated to honing your abilities and accepting criticism from pros in the field.

While there are introductory courses and online instructional programs available, they might not be the most efficient approach for novices to build their skills. Instead of creating a solid foundation of voice-over talents from scratch, these programs might be more useful for honing techniques that you already have.

Another crucial component of the voice-over profession is market research. To stand out and land well-paying employment, one must have a deep awareness of the market and the competition. Successful voice-over work also requires a strong command of acting, timing, pacing, breathing, inflection, and reading comprehension.

It’s critical to recognize that mastering the craft of voice acting requires persistence and time. In this field, there are no shortcuts, and beginners frequently encounter dissatisfaction. However, a voice-over artist can earn a good income with hard work and determination.

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What I’ll Do for You

My distinctive method of teaching voice-over entails a two-hour evaluation during which I give an honest and thorough evaluation of your present skills and potential. From there, I will design a unique, one-on-one training programme with in-depth voice-over sessions. Your growth and accomplishments as a voice-over artist depend on this career investment.

I think the best method to guarantee individual growth is through one-on-one or small-group learning rather than providing all-inclusive packages. I exclusively provide private training so that we may concentrate on your unique requirements and objectives. We can decide when it would be ideal to make your demo once you have made substantial progress.

John Burr - Voice Over Industry Professional

Who is John Burr?

John Burr has worked in all facets of the trade over his 35 years in the business. Because of his significant experience working as a voice-over artist, editor, producer of audio and video, and editor, he has a thorough understanding of the complete production process.

John has participated in numerous professional theatre plays and has also had his talent featured on more than 100 music CDs. Several of his students have gone on to narrate for well-known media outlets and corporations, including Fortune 500 companies, as a consequence of his excellent coaching.

Overall, John Burr’s varied and fruitful career has established him as an authority in the field, and many aspiring voice-over actors have greatly benefited from his mentoring.

What You’ll Learn

Voice-Over Skills

Voice Over Skills

You will get the chance to improve your audition and project skills while studying the nuances of language and script analysis during our training sessions. Additionally, you will learn about the numerous voice-over settings, such as speed, pitch, pause, emotion, and volume, enabling you to modify your voice according to the needs of every project.

Marketing Yourself

Marketing Yourself

Being successful in the field involves more than just having voice-over abilities. Knowing how to effectively sell yourself is equally vital. We offer training on networking, auditioning, producing and putting together marketing materials, and more because of this.

You’ll feel very competent by the time the course is over, and we’ll assist you in creating demos to display your abilities and expand your portfolio. Additionally, you’ll learn how to make a budget for setting up a work-from-home studio, as well as get useful marketing information.

The Demo Production Process

The Demo Process

Our studio creates demos that showcase each voice-over artist’s range of abilities. We pick carefully and create scripts suited to individual skills. We use specially selected resources from over 20 audio and 15 sound effects libraries to improve our demos.

We provide top-notch video demos from conception to completion. Thanks to our resources, we can create video demos that demonstrate the artist’s abilities in front of the camera.

Voice Over Coaching Testimonials

John Burr Voice Dynamics

John Burr Voice Dynamics

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