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Voice-over actors are hired for their outstanding interpretative talents, which they gained through training and coaching with an experienced professional. John Burr’s fantastic experience and coaching will assist you in starting or continuing a career in the ever-expanding voice-over industry.

Here are a few things that working with John Burr will do:

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Basic Voice Over Skills

What Basic Skills Do You Need to Qualify as a Voice Over Student

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Book Your Evaluation

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Your voice-over journey should begin with an evaluation session to determine what level your abilities are.  After the evaluation, a coaching strategy will be recommended that best fits your voice-over training needs.

With John Burr, the evaluation consists of a two-hour in-depth analysis of the following:

You will be given 15 short commercials and 15 narration scripts to deliver, representing a diverse mix of most of the market’s bread-and-butter categories.

You will also get a written evaluation, which John will discuss with you during the final half-hour of the session. The evaluation puts you on a good basis since you and John will know your strengths and places for improvement, and we will know whether or not you have the basic abilities to pursue a voice-over profession.

The evaluation costs $200.00.

A two-hour in-depth examination of reading and interpreting ability, as well as proficiency with English-language dynamics. You will read and interpret 30 commercial and narration scripts that represent the majority of the main categories typical of production requirements. Following the readings, John will go over his unique assessments of your current skill level.

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One-on-One Coaching (online or in person)

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The Voice Actor’s Handbook

For the aspiring voice-over performer, one-on-one sessions provide the most efficient means of learning script interpretation. Enrollment is limited and after evaluation only. Private sessions usually require a minimum of twelve one-hour sessions.

All sessions are recorded as a lesson aid whether you choose online or in-person coaching. Online lessons are conducted over Zoom and will be recorded during the call.

In each online session, Zoom will record it for you, so that you may work with it as a lesson aid, in the same manner as we would record a live lesson in our studio.

The 12-lesson package, with all Script Sets, Instructional Reads Thumb Drive (for in-person sessions), and The Voice Actor’s Handbook is priced at $1350.00.

For online sessions, the Instructional Reads will be sent as a .wav file folder.

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What You'll Learn

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John Burr Voice Dynamics

John Burr Voice Dynamics

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