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Put your voice, acting, and interpretive ability to work with personalized coaching from one of the industry’s most skilled and experienced coaches.

The Reality of Voiceover Lessons

Becoming a successful voice-over artist requires significant dedication and hard work. It is not enough to simply have a nice voice; you must also be committed to constantly improving your skills and taking feedback from industry professionals.

While there are beginner workshops and online training programs available, it is important to note that they may not be the most effective way for beginners to develop their skills. These programs may be more helpful for refining techniques that you already possess, rather than building a foundation of voice-over skills from scratch.

Market research is also an essential aspect of the voice-over industry. Without a thorough understanding of the market and the competition, it is difficult to stand out and secure well-paying jobs. Additionally, mastering acting, timing, pacing, breathing, inflection, and reading comprehension are all crucial elements of successful voice-over work.

It is important to acknowledge that becoming a top voice-over artist takes time and patience. There are no shortcuts in this industry, and frustration is a common experience for beginners. However, with dedication and perseverance, it is possible to make a good living as a voice-over artist.

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What I’ll Do for You

My unique approach to voice-over instruction involves a two-hour evaluation, during which I provide an honest and thorough assessment of your current abilities and potential. From there, I will create a personalized course of one-on-one instruction with extensive voice-over lessons. This investment in your career is essential for your growth and success as a voice-over artist.

Rather than offering all-inclusive packages, I believe that one-on-one or small group instruction is the most effective way to ensure individual progress. As a result, I only offer one-on-one instruction, where we can focus on your specific needs and goals. Once you have made significant progress, we can then determine the best time to create your demo.

John Burr - Voice Over Industry Professional

Who is John Burr?

With 35 years of experience in the industry, John Burr has worked in every aspect of the field. He has an extensive background as a voice-over artist, editor, audio and video producer, and editor, which has given him a comprehensive understanding of the entire production process.

John has also showcased his talent in over 100 music CDs and has been a part of various professional theater productions. His exceptional coaching has resulted in several of his students going on to narrate for well-known media companies and businesses, including Fortune 500 companies.

Overall, John Burr’s diverse and successful career has made him an expert in the industry, and his mentorship has been instrumental in helping many aspiring voice-over artists reach their full potential.

What You’ll Learn

Voice-Over Skills

Voice Over Skills

During our training sessions, you will have the opportunity to enhance your audition and project skills while learning the intricacies of language and script analysis. You will also become familiar with the various parameters for voice-over work, including speed, pitch, pause, emotion, and volume, allowing you to adapt your voice to any project requirements.

Marketing Yourself

Marketing Yourself

Having voice-over skills is just one aspect of succeeding in the industry. It’s equally important to know how to market yourself effectively. That’s why we provide training on networking, auditioning, creating and coordinating marketing materials, and more.

By the end of our program, you’ll gain a strong sense of professionalism, and we’ll help you develop demos to showcase your skills and build your portfolio. Additionally, you’ll acquire valuable marketing knowledge and learn how to create a spending plan for setting up a work-from-home studio.

The Demo Production Process

The Demo Process

Our studio produces demos that highlight the versatility of each voice-over artist. We carefully select and write scripts tailored to the individual’s unique abilities. In order to enhance the production value of our demos, we utilize specially curated materials from over 20 music libraries and 15 sound effects libraries.

For those interested in on-camera work, we offer high-quality video demos from script to finished product. Our resources allow us to produce video demos that showcase the artist’s skills in front of the camera.

Voice Over Coaching Testimonials

John Burr Voice Dynamics

John Burr Voice Dynamics

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