Marketing TrainingDeveloping your skills as a convincing interpreter of scripts only makes you marketable. It is up to you to create demand for those skills in the production community. To that end, we offer one-on-one sessions on marketing techniques that have been proven over time to be highly effective in building production clientele.

You will be tutored by a working voice over professional who has been working “in the trenches” for the past several years, and derive many benefits from his or her instruction and stories of strikeouts and successes.

In these sessions, we will show you how to

  • Network in your chosen marketing area
  • Establish realistic rates for your services
  • Find professional organizations that put talent and producers together
  • Use the internet in your marketing efforts
  • Create and coordinate all of your marketing materials
  • Create a website with access to your demo
  • Design and budget a home studio
  • Obtain work on the internet
  • Define your uniqueness and build your image

Access and Mentorship

In addition to these in-depth sessions, all former students have the privilege of calling or e-mailing us at any stage of their marketing efforts to ask questions that may arise.