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Voice Over Books

Now available on Amazon: The Voice Over Actors Handbook

Learn how to deliver a voice over script like a pro with the insightful learning tools provided in this voice over book!

John developed this voice over book in response to a long-observed need for a more in-depth understanding of how English language fundamentals directly influence the analysis, interpretation and delivery of any script.

This is a book that gets to the heart of voice over performance!

“This really is the first practical and pragmatic treatment of voice over’s unique demands and approaches that I’ve seen. In particular the section that begins, ‘Why we read the way we do’, is not only spot-on, it should be required reading for anyone who wants to do or is already doing voice work…..truly brilliant!”
– Harlan Hogan


  • A complete guide to how the structure of the English language relates to the process of script interpretation.
  • The only language dynamics related reference book in the industry.
  • Loaded with downloadable audio segments that demonstrate all of the principles described in the book.
  • Gives the reader new perspectives on reasoning the mood, meaning and purpose of a script.
  • Accompanying the twenty-seven chapters are over two hundred fifty audio cuts that demonstrate every concept presented in the book.

With this guidebook, you will have a leg up on the competition, and a ready reference source available to you anytime!


Also available: VO: Tales and Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor, Harlan Hogan’s voice over book.

Harlan Hogan, one of the country’s most distinguished voice-over talents, shares his secrets of success in this insightful and often hilarious behind-the-scenes look at the business.

Reflecting the quantum change that has occurred in the way voice-overs are recorded and cast in recent years, this updated second edition describes the advantages and disadvantages of auditioning and recording from home studios for clients around the world. This indispensable guide also addresses finding work in venues outside film and television, like games, automated telephone systems, and websites. Aspiring and established voice-over actors will learn from Harlan’s business & performance tips & laugh at his personal account of the crazed clients, practical jokes, and coincidences encountered on his 35 year journey to success.

“Reading Hogan’s book felt like sitting down in a cozy restaurant to pick the brain of a guy who’s seen it all in the voiceover industry.  His style is equal parts reflective, playful and authentic with just a touch of sass.  Okay, more than just a touch.  I died laughing over the part where his wife was forced to attend traffic school for a moving violation only to be instructed by her husband’s recorded voice on the video!

Even the title is honest: this is a book highlighting Hogan’s experience in the business.  He never promises to help you make a 6-figure income or entice you to stand behind a microphone in your skivvies.  If you appreciate the glory days of radio, wise cracks from someone who doesn’t have to kiss anyone’s feet anymore, or poking a little harmless fun at some of the outlandish things voice actors are asked to do, you will certainly enjoy this book.”

Tracy Lindley, Voice Actor


  • Harlan’s journey from ‘terminally’ shy kid to voice over legend.
  • Expanded recording session stories ‘from the trenches’.
  • How to make professional recordings at home & on-the-road.
  • How to create demos & auditions that win jobs.
  • How to market yourself.
  • All about agents, unions & fees.


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