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Different Types Of Voice Over Projects You Can Work On After Completing The Training

Different Types Of Voice Over Projects You Can Work On After Completing The Training

Most people new to voice over training don’t realize just how many options are out there for performing voice overs.

The most obvious examples are Commercials and Narrations.

During the voice over coaching process, your voice over coach may discover that you have the talent and ability to perform in other genres, such as:


Audiobooks, which may include adult fiction and non-fiction, as well as children’s books. If you are a good storyteller, this may be for you. Audiobooks involve a lot of recording and editing, so this is a category for those who really have a burning desire to do this.

Medical narration

Medical narration is a highly specialized area that includes many difficult words to pronounce correctly. If you lived in a medical or pharmaceutical family and became accustomed to working with medical terms, this may come relatively easy to you. This is a particularly good field for women, as the medical community uses women almost preferentially for this work. This can be particularly lucrative if you become especially proficient at it.

Documentary narrations

Some of the best voice over talent in the business narrate stories of people’s lives, as well as events that affect the outcomes of wars, plagues, and other life-changing events in the history of civilizations.

Explainer narrations

Another specialized area that deals with technical and scientific topics, as well as other areas that are informational and instructional. Moreover, this is a very lucrative category.

Video games

A fun category of work that offers opportunities and challenges for people who do character and accent voices very well. There are thousands of video game producers all over the country, and there is a lot of work available.


This arena of work involves opportunities in animation for movies and television, as well as comedic characters in commercials, where regional domestic dialects and/or distinctive or outlandish personality types are utilized. This work is for voice over actors who are unusually skilled at imitation as a specialty.


This is an endeavor where one can perform as an announcer for station breaks, station-produced public service spots, and general announcements.

Broadcast imaging

This differs from the above in that it involves being the voice for station or program promos.

Sports Promos

As distinguished from play-by-play announcing, the voice over actor voices promos for sports events, sports documentaries, and bios about prominent sports figures.

Political Spots

You can be the voice for radio and television spots for a political candidate or party on a local, state, and national level. In an election year, this is potentially the most lucrative of all voice over work.

Messages on Hold

Being the spokesperson on the phone for directing the caller to someone in the company and promoting the company’s accomplishments and activities to the caller.

In conclusion, completing a comprehensive voice over training program can open up a wide range of exciting career opportunities in the industry. With the help of a seasoned voice over coach like John Burr, you can develop the proper techniques and sharpen your acting skills to take on a variety of projects, such as commercials, animated shows, or documentaries. By expanding your knowledge and fine-tuning your craft, there’s no limit to the possibilities that await in the world of voice over. So, reach out to John Burr today and start your journey toward a fulfilling and rewarding career in voice over!

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