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Always be on the lookout for patterns in the scripts you deliver.

Being aware of similarities  in points of emphasis that exist in patterns will make your interpretations shine.

Here are some examples of patterns that will give you some idea of what to look for: (Underlines indicate emphasis)

1. On the veranda, people will gather, and doors will slam, and dogs will bark, and someone will play music.

2. The foot presses the brake. The hand turns the steering wheel. The car tracks through the corner, as if connected with Velcro.

3. Picasso painted many women in abstraction. The women may have elephant ears, crossed eyes, two noses.

4. During his lifetime, Albert Einstein was witness to the rise of modern Germany, the birth of nuclear weapons, and the growth of Zionism.

5. It’s important to understand who you are, where you’re going, and what you know you can achieve.

6. Please observe all of the safety guidelines we recommend, before you start, while doing the job, and when you are finished.

Get the idea? Always look for signs of patterns. When you have learned to recognize them, your delivery will sound more natural, conversational, and believable.

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John Burr Voice Dynamics

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