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Voice Actor Problems We Probably Didn’t Know

Voice Actor Problems We Probably Didn’t Know

Do you ever wonder what it may be like to be a voice actor? Quite a few challenges come with the territory. From struggling for auditions to dealing with vocal fatigue, voice actors face many obstacles to making it in this competitive industry. We will look at some voice actor problems you probably never knew existed!

1) Voice Actors Are Always Struggling with Auditions

Voice acting is highly competitive, and getting auditions can be challenging. Many voice actors need agents and must rely on personal connections or self-marketing to make themselves visible in the casting world. Furthermore, auditioning requires practice and skill; even when you find an audition, you still have to prove yourself and compete against other actors.

2) Voice Actors Have to Deal with Unpredictable Scheduling

Because voice-over jobs require a lot of flexibility, voice actors often find themselves on call at all hours of the day or night. This means they may be asked to record at any time and may have little notice before a job. This can be challenging to manage when other obligations are considered, such as family time, day jobs, and free time.

3) Voice Actors Experience High Levels of Stress

Voice-over work requires intense concentration, and many voice actors find the process very stressful.

These artists must also perform in front of a camera or with a live audience. In such cases, if they fail to display their best skills or forget lines, it may damage their reputation in the market.

Hence, becoming comfortable in the booth takes a lot of practice.

4) Voice Actors May Receive Low Pay for Their Work

Although lucrative, this industry is highly competitive. Sometimes, voice actors struggle to make a decent living off their work. The pay rates are often low compared to other job markets, and voice actors may work for very little. Some industry veterans can command higher rates due to their experience, but many new voices still need more options when securing work. Voice-over actors may also compete with celebrity talent who can offer more exposure and better pay.

5) Finding Representation is a Challenge

Voice actors are often challenged to find representation. Representation can provide more options and improved opportunities, but gaining representation can be long and arduous. Agents may have strict requirements for their talent roster, and voice-over artists must ensure they meet them to gain an edge over other contenders. Furthermore, agents may require their talent to commit to specific jobs, limiting their creative freedom and flexibility.

6) Vocal Fatigue is a Real Problem

Voice actors require excellent vocal health to perform well. Vocal fatigue is a common problem, and it can be caused by many factors, including talking in a loud environment, eating unhealthy foods, or smoking cigarettes. Vocal fatigue can produce negative consequences such as hoarseness and pain in the throat, which will impact the quality of their work. Voice actors must be aware of their vocal health and take steps to ensure they can perform well.

7) Acting Skills Come Into Play

Voice acting is not just about the voice; it also requires many acting skills to bring characters to life. Voice actors often need more control over the script and must deliver convincing performances with limited resources available. Furthermore, voice actors must be able to adapt quickly and accurately capture any emotion required of them. It is essential that voice actors have a deep understanding of acting techniques and can bring new life to every script they work on.

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