John Burr Voice Dynamics

Fundamentals of Voice Over

John Burr Giving Speech

Ten 2 1/2-hour sessions: 25 hours of instruction

Session 1: Overview of the Voice Over Industry

Where the business comes from. Skills needed to do the job. Finding your true voice. The importance of commitment. Realistic income projections. Importance of continuing education. Evolution of the demo. Categories of demos. Basic marketing considerations.

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Session 2: The Basics of Script Interpretation

How the process of interpreting scripts is affected by language dynamics: in-depth discussion of sentence structure, the hierarchy of parts of speech, and how to analyze scripts for phrasing and proper emphasis. The importance of giving the producer/director what he or she wants. Intimate medium vs. projected medium. Volume vs. emotional intensity. Mood considerations. Importance of pitch comprehension. Accuracy of the read. How to handle energy. How to breathe to preserve energy and endurance.

Session 3, 4, 5 and 6:  Commercials

How to approach commercial scripts, including retail/malls, public service announcements, automotive, travel/hospitality, business/corporate, banks/financial, internet promotion, services, the arts, restaurants, and medical/hospital/doctors/dentists. Reading of commercial scripts by the students, one-on-one with John Burr, who will give in-depth critique for the student and the class.
Many Students Excitedly Learning Voice Over

Session 7, 8, 9 and 10:  Narrations

Explanation of how narrations differ from commercials in interpretive treatment. Categories used in the classes will include documentary, historical, biographical, explainer video, medical, technical, human interest, general interest, theatrical, psychological, scientific, travel and learning/training. Reading and critique of narration scripts by the students with John Burr, as in the commercial sessions. Each session will close with questions and answers, and commentary on the subjects covered in the session. Following completion of the course, John will call each participant to discuss his or her progress, and make recommendations as to the next step to take in the training program.

Fundamentals of Voice Over Interpretation and Delivery

Schedule of Class Sessions:

Summer                                                           Fall

Session 1:   Thursday, June 15th                     Thursday, September 14th

Session 2:   Thursday, June 22nd                   Thursday, September 21st

Session 3:   Thursday, June 29th                    Thursday, September 28th

Session 4:   Thursday, July 6th                        Thursday, October 5th

Session 5:   Thursday, July 13th                      Thursday, October 12th

Session 6:   Thursday, July 20th                     Thursday, October 19th

Session 7:   Thursday, July 27th                      Thursday, October 26th

Session 8:   Thursday, August 3rd                   Thursday, November 2nd

Session 9:   Thursday, August 10th                 Thursday, November 9th

Session 10: Thursday, August 17th                 Thursday, November 16th


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John Burr Voice Dynamics

John Burr Voice Dynamics

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